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Seasonal Meditations, earth, sky, water.

November 28, 2018

I have begun a series of meditative landscapes. So far, they are small and intimate. Inspired by changing seasons and light, they are slightly elusive.

 12"x12" oil on board DMR © 2018

I like to move paint around, wet and sloshy by pouring, spilling, and rubbing around with my fingers. The effects of wet paint on canvas, paper and boards has been attractive to me very early in my artistic career. Helen Frankenthaler's beautiful abstractions with layers of transparent color on huge canvases never fail to fire my imagination.


I hope these intimate pieces invite you to reflect, ponder, maybe sit quietly.  Maybe you need to rest, feel soothed and intrigued at the same time. These pieces are intended to let you pause and enter in gently.


They are executed in oil on board. Started with a simple pencil line or two, I give the paint permission to move around in broad swathes. I complete them with some simple oil glazes or a cold-wax finish. Enjoy!




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