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Art-o-Mat here we come

July 18, 2018

Last month, the fine folks at United Arts Council invited interested locals to come hear Clark Whittington  talk about his very cool art installations, the Art-o-mat. The artist hails from Winston-Salem and he came to invite artists in Raleigh to participate in his world-wide installations.  One of his repurposed machines currently lives in the United Arts Council lobby.


He gave an engaging old-school presentation with a real-life slide projector and talked about his philosophy of making art approachable. "You can do the most outrageous s___ and if you are willing to explain and engage, most people are willing to give you a try." "I want to get a small piece of real art in the hands of someone who might never purchase it otherwise."


I was charmed. I submitted a proposal, I received a warm welcome, and then I purchased the first 50 blocks to transform into mini "Chirps"


Below are a few photos of the process as I worked to make my mini-art for purchase in one of the over 100 converted machines in the USA.

Step one:

Paint the blocks on all sides. ​​

Step two:

Collage maps to the blocks

Step Three:

Paint traveling Chirps on these collaged maps.

Step Four:

Spray a protective acrylic coat.

Step Five: 

Wrap them in the acetate cover provided and send them to artists-in-cellophane.


The process took about twice the time I had planned for, but I was tweaking the process as I progressed and found the repetitive, eye-to-hand painting a good practice. I am excited to see where these birds land!

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