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2018 Contentment

January 8, 2018

New year's resolutions don't appeal to me. I try to make changes when needed. My habit is to think about a word or two which might inform or mold the coming year. "Contentment" and "Appreciation" settle in me this January.

I am not practiced in the art of Contentment. It hasn't even been a life-quality I have sought. If I lived contentment, would I become lazy, or self-satisfied? Maybe I would stay in bed all day? Am I confusing contentment with low-grade depression?


Our All-American culture does NOT endorse contentment. NEVER get comfortable. What do you think of this perspective?

“To stop working, striving and pushing, just because you have enough, therefore is a disservice to the Divine.” ― Sunday Adelaja


What service is accomplished by striving and pushing? What are we trying to prove? What if proving something doesn't really satisfy? If your interior is depleted, or afraid, accomplishment merely masks, rather than assuages. Deep discontent tempts you to despair or false gratifications, such as sexual misconduct or hoarding or addictions can fill in the blank.


True blessed satisfaction is the bedrock of contentment. Not euphoria or giddy happiness, and not a circumstantial arrangement of all things well. My new experience with contentment, which I desire to nurture in 2018 is linked to an acceptance of realities which include my own finite limitations.  Appreciation for who I am and what I have allows for pleasure in the tiniest of moments. Shadow of grass on the snow, a gentle morning kiss, a taste of semi-sweet chocolate. Contentment.


In 2018 I am partnering with my good friend and lead therapist of Morning Glory Center for Creative Healing to co-lead 4 day-long, art-filled workshops. We are offering a day of expressive arts and creative fun designed to refresh and yes, elicit contentment.

Each day-long workshop is $95 and the price includes lunch and art materials.

$90 if you pay a week in advance.

Below are dates and themes. Circle your calendar & give me a shout-out if you have questions. Dawn Rozzo: or for Corky Boone:

The last two dates, place will be announced. Hope you join us.


Practices in Gratitude February,

Saturday, February 10th 9:00Am-3:30PM

Corky Boone’s Home: Wake Forest, NC

Art projects: Needle felting hearts and 6”x6” collage with quote and paint.

Readings, sensory poem, music and creative movement

Explorations in Beauty

Saturday April 21 9:00Am-3:30PM

Dawn’s Garden: Raleigh NC

Art projects: lessons in drawing and painting watercolor flowers

Readings, time to draw, creative movement

Splash, Revive the laughter

Saturday July 21, 9:00Am-3:30PM

Art projects:, a polymer clay Mermaid ornament or a Mermaid poster

Readings, creative movement in the water, silly poems

Meditations on creative practices

Saturday, October 20th, 9:00Am-3:30PM

Art projects: collage & painted gourd birdhouse.

Readings, walks, quiet time of reflection, sensory poems


Happy 2018 





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