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Daily Observations, Essential to Creative Living.

January 22, 2018

I listen to friends chat.  One lives on the edge of a lake, another watches the sun rise over the eastern seaboard. Both adore living near the water because; "it changes every day. No day is exactly the same."


Observing beautiful changes in the outside world is happily available to anyone who walks outside with her eyes open. Yesterday I laughed at the squirrel's frantic gathering of branches for a nest, marveled at the variations of green and red on a female cardinal, and witnessed hundreds of robins in restless motion at neighbors large yard.


If you are desire to enhance your creative life, whether for personal pleasure or professional gain,  consider engaging in the discipline of thoughtful observation. This year I will be posting on Instagram my visual observations on color and collage components. But you do not need an iphone to be embark on this life-affirming pleasure. Put on weather appropriate attire and determine to take regular walks in a park, on the greenway, around your neighborhood and pay attention. Below are 10 prompts to help you get started. Perhaps you will then say, "I love living here, it changes every day."

  1. How are the greens in the leaves and grass changing?

  2. What color is the morning sky, the night sky, the cloudless sky?

  3. How many variations of red can I see? How are they different?

  4. What is the color of the sand, pavement, earth, clay on which I am walking?

  5. Do I see birds on my walk? Where are they most visible? least visible?

  6. Where do I see reflections? In the water? in windows? in metal machines?

  7. What are the different textures that I encounter, on the trees? in the buildings?

  8. What during my walks seems particularly beautiful? Ugly? Mysterious?

  9. How do the seasons smell different? What scents do I like, hate?

  10. How does the wind affect what I feel, what I see, what I taste?


Are there some creative disciplines in your life related to taking in the great outdoors?



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