January 9, 2019

A look at new work on landscape interpretations.

November 28, 2018

I have begun a series of meditative landscapes. So far, they are small and intimate. Inspired by changing seasons and light, they are slightly elusive.

 12"x12" oil on board DMR © 2018

I like to move paint around, wet and sloshy by pouring, spilling, and rubbing around w...

June 15, 2018

"Red Field", acrylic and alkyd on canvas © DMR 2018

As anyone who has moved furniture knows, one change and you often end up rearranging the whole room. The same can be true with a painting, one alteration leads to another, sometimes to the detriment, hopefully to the i...

February 5, 2018

This painting (36"x36"acrylic on canvas)originally sported a big STOP sign as part of it's composition. It overwhelmed the rest of the saturated washes so I wiped it out with gesso. Sadly it languished in my studio in half-baked limbo for a couple years. A dear friend...

July 31, 2017

 Fences on a red day, acrylic on canvas 24"X36" ©DMR

This piece did not start out as an ode to the color red. I sketched from memory the shapes of rolling hills and fenced-in pastures in light yellow ochre.  The recent triple-digit heat of July must have seeped through...

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Upcoming Shows


Artwalk Reception

6pm-8pm, August 2, 2019

Page 158, Wake Forest, NC



Golden Hour

August 1-30, 2019⠀
 "Golden Hour" is comprised of paintings that evoke similar feelings - delicate touches of nature, soft hues, and subtle textures. This show includes artists Samantha King, Dawn Rozzo, and Natalie George.

Centerpiece Gallery, Raleigh NC

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